2021 November
A. Schenck – Rowe, NM – craftsman, carpenter, woodworker and family man:
Dave, your board is awesome and we will be playing for many years.
I would love to help you build some and spread the pichenotte lore ! Thanks a bunch !


2021 August
J Goldberg, Los Angeles:
We love your gameboard and my father’s board you made 20 years ago is still being played regularly.
Thanks so much for your excellent updates all along the process !


2021 May
N and C Noonan – Santa Fe New Mexico – Firefighter and Dance Instructor
Dave, we love our round pichenotte board. We play in the house and we play outdoors. Just love it! Thanks for your excellent craftsmanship and passing the game along to us !


2021 March
J Muir – Executive Chef turned Civil Engineer – family man
We play pichenotte a lot ! The whole family loves it ! Thanks for turning us on to this great game !\
We had never heard of it before Alpine Lumber guys in Santa Fe NM told us about it.

“Hi Dave, We picked up the new round board this evening. I have to say it is wonderful! I already knew the board would be of awesome quality, but it has even exceeded those expectations. Thanks again for everything. We will definitely enjoy this!” B. P. – Port Richey   Florida

“Dave – The new round board is great! Absolutely love it! Played the other day in our garage while enjoying a nice breeze.  Thank you so much!  Kind regards”  J. R. Tulsa, OK

” No need to look any further than Dave’s Pichenotte Games for outstanding attention to detail and craftsmanship.
Truly a pleasure every time I sit down for a game!”… Scott Allen, Santa Fe, New Mexico 2018

“This board is the greatest. As well as being, not just fun to play, but a real work of art to look at and admire.
Thank you so much and keep up the good work”.
G.E. ~ Vallejo, California

“Received the new Pichenotte board yesterday. The craftmanship is magnificent. And boy is this fun!! My daughter loves playing it as well. Just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping and introducing us to this game; we will be showing it to others.”
C.C. ~ North Canton, Ohio

“Amazing! The beautiful Pichenotte board arrived this afternoon in flawless condition and immediately converted ALL of us into Pichenotte fanatics.

Let me explain:
For many months, my family had kidded me about my obsessive interest in your web site and products. After all, they had never heard of a “Pichenotte Board,” and they periodically questioned my sanity, wondering whether I were still checking out the “pinochle boards” or the “Pinocchio boards.” [my family is a sarcastic crew] Still, as a stalwart game aficionado and a lover of family fun,
I continued to cruise your site and admire your craft.

When my daughter and I unpacked the board, there were many “oooohs” and “ahhhhhhs” from the previously skeptical peanut gallery. The game’s presentation and pieces greatly exceeded all expectations. Ten minutes later, while I was taking a phone call in the kitchen, I heard gales of laughter coming from the dining room. And there they were–my husband and kids–completely mesmerized by Pichenotte after their first few rounds of play. These merciless teasers had quickly transformed into Pichenotte believers, and now they’re even talking about buying a SECOND game to keep at our lake cabin.

Thank you for putting such tremendous quality into your products. Your attentive service is superb. ”
C.S. ~ Deephaven, Minnesota

“Hi ! Special thanks for meeting with all of us on Sunday – that was great fun….. Now all I have to do is get my shot figured out!”
K.Z. ~ Mesa, Arizona

“….. We received the board and it is fabulous. We’ve played every night since it arrived. Thank you so much…….”
M.M. ~ St. Louis, Missouri

” I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my decision to buy a Pichenotte board. Not only is this a great game to introduce to family and friends, but your craftsmanship is near perfection. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to produce such a flawless work of art.

My hope in buying the board was to teach my young children to play, so that we might spend more family time together. The first day we all played until dark. Even though we had let the children stay up long past their bedtime, they were in tears because they could not continue playing Pichenotte!

The next morning they awakened me around 6:00 AM to play again until school time. This continues to be the routine several days later with guests and babysitters having to carry on conversation over the game or join in the play. This is truly a remarkable game and I thank you for your efforts to promote it.”
Mr. B.W.S. III ~ Hattiesburg, Mississippi

“Hi there! I can’t tell you how many endless hours spent and how many friends have enjoyed your game. We first met you in the Santa Fe Children’s museum. We enjoyed your game so much then that we followed you to your workshop to select our very own board. Many evenings have been spent playing and having fun with friends. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy!”
K.D.R. ~ Phoenix, Arizona

“Our First Annual ‘Pichenotte Tournament’ was a huge hit ! My Sunday school class and my neighbors all want another one, and soon. Thanks for all the help on organizing the event – scorecards, rules, leveling wedges, etc. A very good time was had by one and all, and some serious competition, too….”
R.F. ~ The Woodlands, Texas

“I love Pichenotte! I first met you all this past summer, and I just couldn’t wait to order some new translucent pucks.
I would like Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Diamond Clear, and Ruby Red. Great game !… Thanks guys!”
Mr. P. M. ~ Wichita Kansas

” We presented the two pichenotte game boards at our company Christmas Party, and they were a huge hit! Your hometown loves ya, and loves your game !
Young and old lined up to test their flickability. It seems we have some ringers in the crowd. Even the young waitress took the info off your brass plaque to find out more about your game.
Many thanks for your great service, and a great game.”
B. O’M. ~ Bristol, Connecticut

” My new game board arrived at the office this afternoon. Even though we were engaged in a serious work day, everyone took a break to admire the superb craftsmanship of the board. I explained the game and soon had several new enthusiasts. All complained mightily when I took the board home! I am most pleased with every single item you shipped. From the board to the pucks to the pouches to the case…everything is top-class. I especially appreciate the interesting blend of old-time values (service, friendliness, promptness, “ancient” and wholesome game) and modern technology (web site, UPS instant tracking and email updates). The entire experience has been a reassuring breath of fresh air. Now on to the gaming and the flood of fond childhood memories revived. Thank you.”
S.P.S ~ Lockport, New York

“Thanks guys…We received the board late this afternoon. Thanks for sending UPS tracking data, by the way. Board arrived in great shape – My only complaint is that we started playing immediately after we unpacked it, and my wife wouldn’t quit playing Pichenotte to make dinner, and so we ended up eating cold leftovers 🙂 and we’ve just quit at 11:45pm – Great game ! ”
B. H. ~ Knoxville, Tennessee

“We have been back in Arkansas for a week and the game was here when we arrived. We went back to the children’s museum later in the week and played Pichenotte on their board almost all day. Our boys are both having a blast with it, and their cousins like it too. We have had a lot of fun with doubles too. The bad news is I have discovered that my dining room floor is not level, so I’ll have to fix that! Glad we met. Pichenotte is changing our life.”
E.S.C. ~ Little Rock, Arkansas

“I sent a Pichenotte Board last week as a gift to my cousin and her family. When I called the other day, she said the board had gotten a lot of use already. Her 10 grandchildren all love it and challenge the older folks at every turn. My cousin said the board was absolutely beautiful and it was easy to learn because they grew up playing carroms. Many thanks to you guys.”
G.T. ~ Lawrenceville, Illinois

“Pichenotte Rules! Checkers Drools! I’m a Pichenotte nut! I bought a board from you guys, and we’re having a really great time with the game- the T.V. set is cold and some sleep has been lost!”
P.F. ~ Taos, New Mexico

“This is the wonderful board I have been dreaming of playing on for the last 10 years. Truly a work of art and something to make all the Uncles jealous for years to come.
A real player’s board that makes playing the game a pleasure”
G.S. ~ Ontario, Canada

“We just can’t believe the beauty of the woods and the glass-like finish!” Nobody else makes boards like you guys do!”
P.L. ~ Rochester, New York

“Just a quick note to say thank you for the board. It has already gotten A LOT of use. I played for about three hours the day I brought it home, and it’s been played every day since.”
D.C. ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico

“There is not a game we own that has provided more enjoyment for the entire family than our Pichenotte board. Our three boys (aged from 5 thru 8) love to play. We took it with us a couple of times when we went to visit family and friends. Now when we are going to a get-together, people call in advance to ask if we are bringing the board.”
S.C.H. ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Beautiful” board arrived safely this AM. Already lost one brief game after my wife declared there was no way she could win it and then she did, shooting last—only one round though & board
was not “set up” officially with level !!”
B.H.~ Vermont

“We played the game for over 2 hours after we got home on Sunday. It is still great fun and has not impacted our marriage as yet. If we ever get a free weekend, we will introduce our friends to the game. We enjoyed visiting with you. Your enthusiasm is very refreshing.  Thank you for your time.”
M.L. ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado

Here’s a line by line review of our boards from a long-time player and our new friend in Ohio:

“First Impression: My first impressions: board performance is awesome!!
Posts: The posts are beautiful, very lively, and provide very true richochets.
Routered Lines: The routed game lines are an extremely cool move.
No adverse affect on the game pieces.

Billiard Cloth in the Ditch: Again, very, very cool. I love what it does for the board.
Seamless installation. Really nice!

Rubber Feet: A small thing, but very nice touch and also practical.
The 3-rubber legs keep the board from wobbling even if the table it is on is not
flat and also helps keep it from sliding around if someone bumps it.
Also keeps the board from denting your wall if hung.

Overall Finish: Overall, just an absolutely beautiful job. And I like the numbered plaque thing too.

Rails: The downward inside angle is a great idea and it really works.

Miscellaneous: I like the instruction booklet in the plastic cover, the bumper sticker and the pouches to
hold the Pucks. Nice little touches.

Carrying Case: The carrying case is truly AWESOME.

I / we continue to enjoy the kick-butt board you made me! Some of us (myself included) actually now PREFER the faster game, truer bounces,
more 20’s of the Pichenotte board compared to “the original” (my uncle’s board) ….quite an endorsement if you ask me!”

A. P. ~ Dublin, Ohio

“I’ve been getting great raves on the workmanship of your boards. It is a great piece of work.”
T.W. ~ Bristol, Connecticut

“Thanks for all the time explaining the boards and history.  Your love for the game and the workmanship clearly shows.”
D.D. ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Thank you for the gracious service and the beautiful work on these gameboards! It is a pleasure to see something created so well and much attention given to quality.”
G.R. Albuquerque, New Mexico

“The board arrived today. It is exactly as I ordered.

I’m impressed with the quality of the construction.
The quality of play on the board even surpassed my expectations.
Thanks for your fine work.”
K.C.S.~ Goshen, Indiana

“Everybody out here loves the board, both the way it looks, and the way it plays!  And, I get asked to bring it to all our outings, parties, and get-togethers.”
P.D.L. ~ Silver Spring, Maryland

“You are one in a million!”
E.K. ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico

” Great!….Strategic!…..Low key…….engrossing for our boys…….Thanks!”
R.G. ~ Oakland, California

“What a treasure!”
T.O. ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico

“We are so pleased with the gorgeous board you made for us. It is just beautiful.”
R.P. ~ Bristol, Connecticut

“Our boys get up early every morning, lately, before school to sharpen their Pichenotte skills,  and it’s the first thing they do after school! Thanks for the board ! It’s a heck of a lot better than having them stare at the TV. We’re going to buy another one soon just for the adults.”
G.P. ~ Columbia, Missouri

“Thanks so much for the quick turnaround on creating our Pichenotte Board. It is absolutely wonderful!  It’s gotten a lot of use so far – we’ve introduced the game to many friends and to “my side” of the family- they’ve had a blast so far! Many people have commented on how beautiful the woods are, and your fine craftsmanship. Keep up the great work !”
C.R. ~ Pittsfield, Massachusetts