Replacement Rubbers

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Time to replace the post rubber?
Post rubber dimensions:
Outside diameter = 7/16″
Inside diameter = 7/32″
Tall = 3/8″
The new rubber is chemical resistant Tygon from McMaster-Carr, and they should last indefinitely. See instructions below
Photos include images of brass posts, but this product is only the 8 rubber tubes.

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Post Rubber Dimensions: Outside Diameter = 7/16″ / Inside Diameter = 7/32″ / Tall = 3/8″

Metal Post Dimension = 1/2 inch tall x 7/16 inch outside diameter 
Metal posts not included


To replace the rubber on the 8 posts, follow these instructions:

1) First try to just squeeze and pull them off while they are on the board.
Many will come off by this simple squeeze and pull method. Or try cutting them off carefully with x-acto or other knife.
If the removal is successful, then slip the new ones on with a little soap and water or Armour-All if needed.
2) If the rubber does not come off easily, you will need to remove the posts from the gameboard.
a) Remove the screws from the backside. ( If you are not handy with tools, find someone who is)

b) Soak the old rubbers in lacquer thinner for about 15 minutes or longer. After soaking, the rubber will come off easily.

c) Before attaching the posts back on the board, reinsert the screws back into the metal posts. This is to give you a stable hold while you push the new rubbers over the top of the metal post. Use a mild lubricant like Armour-All or mild soap and water, to slip the new rubbers over the metal posts. This is easier said than done ! I wear a glove on my right hand because it hurts ! Or you may need to find a strong friend or relative to do it ! Keep struggling and wrestling the rubbers until they fit over the posts.

d) Re-attach the posts to the board, and voilà  you are done !

The new ones are chemical resistant rubber tubing from McMaster-Carr called Tygon, and they should last indefinitely. The old rubber was ‘surgical’ grade tubing and yet only had a lifespan of about 10 years. We expected a lot longer than that.

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