Our friends Ray and Jason Beierling offer many crokinole products
The brothers are competitors and have won many crokinole tournaments all across Canada.
They supply many fine products for enjoying crokinole on this website.
“The greatest game ever played on wood”…Ray Beierling

Our friend Caleb Kelly, son of Wayne Kelly, continues the family crokinole business
They supply crokinole boards and accessories, and collect historical accounts of the game.
Their collection includes some of the oldest and finest crokinole boards in the world.


Annual crokinole tournament in Tavistock, Ontario – first Saturday in June.
Held in an hockey rink (minus the ice ) and attended by the elite and the ordinary cr0kinole players from all over the world.
Our friend Bill Gladding operates this website. We attended the first year in 1999. You won’t regret a visit to this memorable event !


This is where you will find the highest quality crokinole boards. Jeremy Tracey has been trained and mentored by one of the best crokinole board builders in the world today.

Combine that with Jeremy’s passion for the game of crokinole and what you have is the ‘TRACEY’ board that looks amazing and plays even better.

Monsoon Design


Monsoon provides services & products for our pichenotte tournaments – logo t-shirts, logo pouches, and posters .
We appreciate their creativity and prompt delivery ! If you need help with marketing and promo, these folks are great !



Arroyo Studio
Andrew and Matt provide trophies for our pichenotte tournaments and they create the amazing laser design work on our gameboard rails !
If you need laser cutting and design in glass, leather, wood or metal, these are your guys !