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The third of three Spring tourneys was held at Santa Fe Brewing on Hwy 14 – May 11, 2024
Ten Players participated in a double elimination tournament at a family friendly great venue
Winner: Dave ‘Big Tuna’ Lagasse
Runner Up: Dennis ‘Mad Dog’ Prichard
Third Place: Andy ‘Eugenius’ Pogany
Fourth Place: Jeremy ‘The Professor’ Parfitt
Dennis also won the 20’s shoot out, scoring 13 of 24 !
The next closest competitors only had 5 of 24 !


The second of three spring tourneys was at Santa Fe Spirits Tasting Room – April 13, 2024

Six players participated in a double elimination tournament and we had a great time !
It was a lively event that brought in some onlookers and the future of pichenotte looks bright !
Please come to the next tournament ! May 11 at Santa Fe Brewing on 35 Fire Place, Santa Fe 87508

Winner: Carlos ‘Frijolero’ Leger
Runner Up: Dave ‘Big Tuna’ Lagasse
Third Place:  Jeremy ‘The Professor’ Parfitt
Fourth Place: Daniel ‘Double Digit’ Bryant
Honorable Mentions: Matt “The Artiste’ Fricek and Caitlin ‘Black Cat’ Richards


The first of three spring tourneys was at The Rufina Taproom – March 23, 2024

Six players participated in a double elimination tournament and we had a great time !
With a few breaks and ‘timeouts’ to catch our breath, it started promptly at 2pm and went until 6:30pm.

Winner: Dennis ‘Mad Dog’ Prichard
Runner Up: Jeremy ‘The Professor’ Parfitt
Third Place: Dave ‘Big Tuna’ Lagasse
Fourth Place:
  Russ ‘The Rumbler’ McAfee
Honorable Mention: Chris ‘The Cruncher’ McAfee and Caitlin ‘Black Cat’ Richards
We hope you can make it to the next event and join in the fun-
(photos are from different events because our staff photographer was off-duty March 23 Saturday!)


New place to play for free in Santa Fe !

Santa Fe Spirits
308 Read Street – Downtown – Santa Fe 87501


Don’t use your pichenotte board any more ? I can probably find a buyer for it.

New Place to Play for Free !
Santa Fe Children’s Museum
1050 Old Pecos Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87505
New Pichenotte Logo
Original by William Rotsaert (rhymes with Mozart )
Nudged along by Bill Cannady (Monsoon Design)


YouTube – The Pichenotte & Crokinole Channel 
Videos are posted from recent pub tournaments

New Tournament Rules available – more details covering more scenarios
We periodically review and change the rules based on feedback from tournament participants
Our intent is to keep play interesting and fair. Make your own rules for the same reason !