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Next Tournament:

March 16, Saturday 1pm
Draft Station – Santa Fe Plaza – 60 E. San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM

Our tournaments are fun, low-key social events. We do award trophies to First and Second place finishers. When we have enough players, we like to play doubles. The format is usually double elimination or round robin to maximize the time you can play. Come on down, have fun and enjoy some good beer, food and company. See you there.


The First Draft Station Tournament was December 8th 2018
We enjoyed a great afternoon in a very classy environment on the Santa Fe Plaza…
November 10, 2018
YouTube – The Pichenotte & Crokinole Channel 
Videos posted from recent tournaments
October 2018
New ‘twenties holder’
An easy way to display your twenties with 2 clear plastic tubes
on wooden base. Each tube holds 7 pucks for a total of 14 pucks













$15…for twenties holder $4 shipping = $19.
November 4, 2018
New puck colors…. slime green ! 🙂
Translucent and Solid ! Photos coming soon
Pucks are available to order – $9.50 for 14 pucks

November 12, 2018
New Tournament Rules available – more details covering more scenarios
We periodically review and change the rules based on feedback from tournament participants
Our intent is to keep play interesting and fair. Make your own rules for the same reason !
October 20, 2018
Walnut Rails now available
October 15, 2018
Round Tops – now available in either Baltic Birch or Bamboo.
Extremely dense and stable plywoods – warp-free guarantee – 3/4 inch thick