Stages of Pichenotte Co.

Stage 1 – 1997 to 2001
Dave and Norm as Pichenotte Gameboard Company make hundreds of octagonal boards using
oak, birch, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut, padauk, purple heart, etc
Lined with billiard cloth or just wood – Offering both a deluxe and a basic model
Pucks are double concave plastic mold #1
Pichenotte League at pubs and tourneys with prizes
Store opens on Old Santa Fe Trail


Stage 2 – 2002 to 2012
Store Closes – Breaktime – Semi-Retired
Time-Out to rethink and recalibrate

Stage 3 – 2013 to 2017
Dave only – Re-brands as Three Victors LLC
Offering a deluxe board and a basic board
Arroyo Studio creates laser engraving on rails
Monsoon Design creates t-shirts and pouches
New plastic puck mold #2 – 2016 – double concave with smoother sides
Ditch can now be lined with vinyl, billiard cloth or just wood

Stage 4 – 2017 to 2019
Dave and Klaus – a local furniture designer and master craftsman
Continue as Three Victors LLC
Klaus creates a new style with spline joinery in cherry and walnut
His sturdy Pub board gets placed in half a dozen local pubs
Pichenotte tournaments held in Santa Fe and Albuquerque

Stage 5 – 2020 to Present Day
Dave only – Round boards
New Maple Wood pucks from Millette and Sons in Quebec – Canada
Rebrands as Pichenotte Games LLC
New French-Flicking-Frog logo by Belgium artist Wm Rosaert (rhymes with Mozart)
What happens next ? Stay tuned !…..
There is a smaller rectangular 2-person board in the works !

We hope you continue to enjoy playing pichenotte for many years !


In the fall of 1997 my brother Norman and I decided to share the game with our family and friends.
We started making game boards in the garage here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Norm sold his Harley Davidson Sportser motorcycle and we bought tools and supplies.
We soon had an investor and started building gameboards full-time.
We sold them one-on-one in person, playing on game tables at many arts and crafts shows in the Southwest,
and started a website in 1997. Basically, the game sold itself ! And we had a lot of fun.
We had a small game store across the Loretto Chapel for one year. However, it  turned out that
we just could not support ourselves, so we just continued it as a sideline, but serious hobby.
With a lot of enthusiasts all over the country, young and old, we give a lot of thanks to all those
who contributed in the past and those who are currently making it possible for us to continue.