How to Care for Your Board

– The most critical thing is to protect the round playing surface.
– A well-protected board will last for generations.
– Call or email us for any maintenance issues

The ‘To Do’ List:

– Use only non-silicone spray wax such as  Guardsman Anytime Clean and Polish or Formby’s Almond Lustre.
Guardsman Wax has a nice lemon scent. Formby’s Almond smells pretty terrible to me, so I don’t use it.
–  Spray wax liberally over the entire round centerpiece, and the playing pieces, and buff vigorously,
with clean soft cloth, about every 10 games or so.
– Clean up spilled liquids immediately, with a wet/dry vacuum or damp cloth, especially if your board has a felted ditch.
– Store your board safely; with our sturdy hooks on the wall, or in a protective case, away from extreme temperatures.


The ‘Do Not’ List :

– Don’t wear rings, bracelets or watches that could scratch the finish.
– Don’t use spray waxes that have silicone in them, such as Pledge, nor any paste waxes.
– Don’t lean board against a wall, because when it falls, it could cause serious damage to the board.
– Don’t leave in direct sunlight for long periods, nor in extremes of temperatures, high or low.

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