How to Care for Your Board

– Protect the round playing surface, and your board will last for generations.

The ‘To Do’ List:

– An occasional cleaning with a damp cloth with mild soap and water is advisable to remove dirt.
– During play, and to improve puck sliding action, we recommend using only non-silicone spray wax
such as  Guardsman Anytime Clean and Polish or Formby’s Almond Lustre.
They contain simple wax compounds which work very effectively to protect and  help the pucks to slide easily.

Avoid less expensive spray waxes such as Pledge, because they contain silicone.
Silicone (aka sand) gets embedded into lacquer and damages it over time. Avoid using silicone.

Guardsman Wax  has a nice lemon scent. Formby’s Almond has a very pungent smell, so we don’t use it.
(Formby’s used to make a pleasant smelling Citrus Scent Spray Wax, but they don’t make it anymore.)
–  Spray wax liberally over the entire round centerpiece, and the playing pieces, and buff vigorously,
with clean soft cloth, as often as necessary.
– Clean up spilled liquids immediately, with a wet/dry vacuum or damp cloth, especially if your board has a felted ditch.
– Store your board safely; with our sturdy hooks on the wall, or in a protective case, away from extreme temperatures.


The ‘Do Not’ List :

– Don’t wear rings, bracelets or watches that could scratch the finish.
– Don’t use spray waxes that have silicone in them, such as Pledge, nor any paste waxes.
– Don’t lean board against a wall, because when it falls, it could cause serious damage to the board.
– Don’t leave in direct sunlight for long periods, nor in extremes of temperatures, high or low.
– Call or email us for any maintenance issues

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