Update November 2019:
Our former puck maker no longer meets our quality  standards, so we are looking elsewhere. If you know of a reliable plastics manufacturer please let us know.
Our pucks were molded from a product called SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile resin), similar to a high quality pool ball.
We have several thousand in stock, but once we run out, these will not be available again. Our apologies, but the situation is beyond our control.

Please contact us if you need to re-supply your ‘old style’ / no logo pucks from the late 1990’s.
We have hundreds in stock of various colors.

Using a carbide blade, we carefully trim each puck to remove a tiny excess of plastic at the seam. You will notice a slight discoloration at the seam, but this is necessary to create a true and smooth playing surface.

Made in the USA

Permanently out of stock: Translucent Red

Warning ! Pucks are a choking hazard. Do not let young children play unsupervised.

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